Humanitarian Aid Drive

April 2023


Dear friends, first of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to everyone who participated in our three shipments to Ukraine in March, May, and October. Everything was delivered and distributed to local hospitals and to the areas in need, closer to the front line.

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine is continuing. We will collect the following items over the next two weeks and will be shipping them to Ukraine after April 8th.

Medical supplies: Tourniquets, bleedstop, pain killers, anti-diarrheal (loperamide), stomach support, anti allergy relief tablets, valerian, first aid kits, hemostatic dressings, water purification tablets, antibiotic and burn ointment, pain ointment, bandage for pneumothorax, multivitamins, ear plugs, back support belts.

Food: Instant Coffee or 3 in 1 – in plastic jars, black, green, or white tea, crackers, cup noodles, beef jerky, military food – MREs. (No cans, please, they are too heavy.)

What you donate can save a life. We also ask for:

  • Backpacks (preferably military)
  • Active headphones
  • Tactical glasses and gloves (used are fine)
  • Military boots for men, waterproof tactical (used are fine)
  • Men underwear and socks (new)
  • Men sport clothing and t-shirts (slightly used are fine)

You can drop your donations at 74 Dale street in Swampscott, MA till April 8th. Call or text at 781-710-7215 if you have any questions.

Some links to buy what we need on Amazon:


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